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About Us

Our members: We are a social and philanthropic organisation of women and men from many nationalities, cultures and age groups. As Bangalore grows, so does our membership, providing wonderful opportunities for making new friends from all over the world.


What we do: Our events are designed to explore Bangalore through its history, culture and art. There are many activities, social events and volunteering opportunities to have a great time while focusing on giving back by raising funds for local charities.

How we began: We are an offshoot of what a few foreign-born missionary women started in the mid-1960s; an informal group which got together periodically to share their experience in the city over a cup of coffee or tea with cake or brownies made with ingredients from ‘back home’. It was a mutual help club and notice of the monthly meeting was communicated by a secretary using her Smith Corona typewriter. The membership fee was put in a biscuit tin or shoe box and was used to pay for postage for circulars. The balance was distributed among charities that our members had identified as a worthy cause while volunteering with them. The monthly meeting circular became a newsletter when members started writing in to share their experiences, recipes and stories. Our OWC logo and the masthead of the OWC we see today was designed by Robin de Jong, a member, who was an artist and well-versed in computer graphics. Photostat copies of the Rangoli were circulated among members who were beginning to show an inclination to raise the club’s profile and activities to being something more than a mutual support group of housewives from abroad.

Who can join: Membership is open to anyone who holds a foreign passport or is married to a foreigner. We also welcome Indian passport holders returning to India after living overseas as long as they join us within a year of their return. Membership is on an annual basis.

Become a member: Please take a look at what we have to offer and join us when you arrive in Bangalore. You can contact us before arriving if you have questions about Bangalore or India. The members of the OWC are here to provide contacts and support while you settle in your new location.

Our events will help you make friends with like minded members and you can tailor your involvement to match your interests. We have a Monthly Book Club & Road Trip, weekly Bridge, Canasta, Mahjong, Lunch Bunch, Mummy Meet up, Walking Group, etc.


Find out more at any of our coffee mornings or drop us a line.